For me one of the signs you can tell that I am in a relationship or I love someone is the fact that I like to talk about the person a lot, but now I realized that sometimes it is good to keep your relationship private.

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Just as you have People that share everything about their relationship, marriage. You also have People who won’t breath a word about it even if you ask them repeatedly.

Make sure you are keeping your relationship private not secret.

Lying about your relationship only means you are considering to cheat or probably you are trying to make someone believe you are single when you are not.


Being private about your relationship means even if you are not loud and dramatic about it, you are being truthful about being in one.

You don’t have to go on social media to show everyone the gift your boyfriend/girlfriend bought, you don’t have to gist everyone the moments spent.

The minimum the information you share with friends, families and social media the better for you.


1) IT SHUTS OUT BAD ADVICE: You give no Room for People to pass judgment and give bad advice on how things should be between you and your partner.

In a relationship there would always be miss understanding which is better you both communicate, air out your opinion and try to reason out things together. Even if you don’t agree on the matter, whereby you both have different opinions, it is okay. You should both agree to disagree.

Everyone should have a right to their own opinion. When your partner does something you probably don’t like, you don’t have to go around telling everyone or asking everyone for advice.

The truth is you know what you want to do and you know the right action to take concerning a particular matter, take your actions and be held responsible for your action.

It takes a matured mind to tell you the truth concerning a particular situation, if you tell your friends and family something your partner did they will always support you and find fault in the other person, that’s the truth and that could be the reason why you are always having issue with your partner. If the case is serious there are People with wisdom like your Parent, Pastors or mentors you can always ask for their advice.

2) IT STRENGTHENS THE BOND IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP: When you keep the information or details of your relationship and marriage private, it makes you want to work out your differences without external assistance and influence.

It is nobody’s business how you’re doing, what is going on between the both of you. When People see you happy they assume that as a couple you are always happy together and anytime you don’t seem that way in person People are quick to think that there’s trouble in Paradise.

3) YOU COULD BE LETTING THE WRONG PEOPLE IN: Exes and haters feed off of your Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook posts. Somehow this invites stalking, gossiping, slandering which your relationship don’t deserve.

It always seems like as soon as your relationship goes public, your ex suddenly hasn’t forgotten your number after all, your friends are dying to get to know Him.

People that are not your friends suddenly want to know how you are doing.

If you want to keep your relationship from all the drama it is advisable that is is kept private.

People can know you are in a relationship but they don’t have to know everything that is going on in your relationship, keep it private to avoid negative attacks.

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