Christmas is a time to celebrate, a time to love and give.

One thing I would love to thank God for, is the gift he gave  to us, we don’t deserve it but he gave us anyway….his precious son Jesus.

I love how Joseph didn’t get to divorce his wife harshly, I know a lot of people talk about Mary but not many people actually talk about Joseph.

I keep asking myself in this our generation ,how many men can actually sleep on the same bed with a woman they got married to and not sleep with her for good nine months of her pregnancy?it takes discipline and I know that is one of the reasons God called Joseph.

Mary and Joseph were couples that seem like they were so simple, you know you would think God would use a Prophet’s Son to take up this task but God sometimes use People that are disciplined and unheard, it’s not about the ambigous title.

A lot of people who have this title, sometimes actually do the worst things. I know definitely, no one is perfect but we must still not take God for granted, we should not think we can live the sinful life in the private and feel in our heart no one is watching us for there is an eye that sees all things even beyond human sight and that is God.

As I write this also, I know I’m also talking to myself. I would feel so guilty if I don’t get to post things like this once in a while, to remind us of our faith and to remind us to live a righteous life.

I pray that God would give us the grace to always live right. We are the righteousness of God in Christ and we should never go back to our Egypt. We shouldn’t go back to doing the things we already promised God not to do.

Mary Did You Know

2020 is going to be a beautiful year for all of us, let us make up our minds to live a disciplined life in achieving all our goals and aspirations in life.

 Merry Christmas 

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