Ask In Faith, Believe in possibility.

Ask in Faith. You may think that the best time to give up on your dreams is when you are faced with a particular challenge, you need to know that God wants to know how much you trust him. In your difficult moment, when it feels you are lost that’s when you should trust Him. Never give up on your dreams, trust in God.

Sometimes we get carried away by things happening in our world and it’s so easy to loose focus of what God really has for you but I advice to never leave God’s presence. He loves you even when you are perfect, go to Him. He knows the way and he wants to show you, don’t loose hope. Keep dreaming, keep believing in Him.

God knows how you feel, he knows exactly what you are going through. It’s easy to give up and go the other way but there is eventually  no happiness there. The only happiness is in Christ Jesus.

You can always be the best, never forget to trust God’s timing. He is always there to keep you and to love you as a father would always want the best for his son.

Do you want happiness? Do you want the greatest love? Do you want the greatest Peace? Trust God, don’t relent.

You have to know your value in Christ, you must know who you are because we are not moved by what we see or what is happening around us. We believe in our God because we know what He can do.

Have you ever thought to yourself, what if I ask and I don’t receive? What if I pray for hours and I get no response?  If you ask me for something and then you also trust me and you know I have it and I also promised to give you, won’t you believe I would? The only thing is to to just keep reminding me right?

I have said I would give you, all you need to do is to remind me, this is exactly the same when we remind God for anything, if we believe in our Hearts that he has answered, then we need to stop worrying, all we need to do is to rest and not worry. There are lots of People that don’t believe, they think they do but they honestly don’t.

Sweet Holy Spirit

God already said all things are working for your good, if you believe in your heart that God has answered your prayers, you would go back to Bed without any form of worry. If God does not give it to you , it’s because He knows you don’t need it, yes there are delays due to the wickedness and spiritual forces of this world. We must still hope on our God because we know who we serve, He is the God that makes a way where there is no way, the same God that can create the way, he is also the way. Whenever we ask for anything, we need to believe in our heart that he has heard us and he would answer our request.

Ask in Faith and live your Life full of praise and gratitude as if you have received what you have ask for. 

   Its important to note that your prayers will never be answered when you equip yourselve with the sins of the flesh. Righteousness and faith works like two consecutive numbers therefore faith without good work is dead . God will never forsake us when we ask for help using righteousness as our breastplate.

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