BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR: Meet Precious the best Customer Relation NORTH Distributor of Avila Product

“I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of make-up”

-Demi Moore

Precious the award winner Avila Distributor. Precious is an Abuja based lady, her dream is to invest in the Health and Beauty world. She has been working tirelessly to make sure she gets there, She got an invite by Avila, she embraced the business whole heartedly, she is well known for being true by customers and sticks to whatever she starts till the very end. Avila is a brand she brags about not because she is making sales but for the fact that it works, the products are not expensive and all products are 100% organic, so you don’t need to be afraid. Avila is a skincare brand,a trademark property of Top Confectionery Limited Nigeria. The objective of Avila is to encourage the usage of natural remedies and essential oils for skin and hair care.

Avila in a few years of establishment has proven to the entire world beyond all reasonable doubt that indeed they are ready to help eradicate cancer and other related skin issues through it’s natural products and also to do business.

Avila has become the largest company in Africa with over 90 (Ninety) essential oils and still counting. The brand’s vision is to have produced over 250 (Two hundred and fifty) essential oils by 2020 with major outfits and skincare centers in 5 continents. Avila has over 250 Distributors in Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast,UK and Benin Republic. The outfit hopes to open her distribution channels in five other African countries before December 2018.

Avila products are used in major parts of the world. This is because of the integrity expressed in their products. Avila is known for her 100% natural ingredients in all her products. Avila products are not mixes with chemicals which tend to give the skin and hair 100% result.

Avila is the brand with hope,a brand that has helped many people wiped off their tears, hence turning many skin worries to testimonies. Avila has over 3000 testimonies from users across the world.

Avila is not just a skincare brand but a brand that understands the needs of every skin across borders. Avila team of expert has deep knowledge for skin problems and solutions per time.

Avila Truly Cares !!!

Precious is so hardworking and because of her hard work and dedication in the business, she got an award As the best Customer Relation NORTH Distributor, at Avila excellence award 2018 @ oriental hotel lekki Lagos Nigeria.

Base on reviews Avila is the number one beauty product that has broken records in Nigeria and beyond.

You can make your orders, and also refer friends with severe skin problems and see how Avila works like magic.

Miss Precious is a licensed distributor of Avila and she is ready at all times for business. just hit her up and you will know that Avila truly Cares.

If you want to know more about Precious’s business , you can send her a message or call her

IG: @presydollar

Call:0703 537 2012

Order Products from her Google business page

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