I started blogging like years ago and starting a blog was not really easy because I was in college, I had to make sure blogging was not going to distract my academics. 

I studied Electrical Electronics which was also a challenging course. It takes all your time and dedication to come out best. Thank I did because I came out with a second class and it enabled me get a scholarship to do my masters. 

When I started blogging, I was really insecure, I I struggled with self love and accepting myself for who I really am. Over the years being a content creator has really helped me to grow spiritually, mentally and also be a better person.

There are a lot of reasons why People create contents, you need to know why you want to start. It may seem like an unrealistic career choice, but with the right mindset, dedication and effort you can succeed and be well known and respected.

  There are different kind of contents you can create, what matters is what you are passionate about. I tell People if you thinking of starting a blog, or channel and you are not passionate about it. You can easily give up. Networking is an important ingredient for success in the blogging industry.

  A blog is a great way to engage with your Audience. 

I remember when I started blogging I use to search for products to promote on my blog and my page but then I started thinking, I have spent so much on my blog why would I want to take all my followers to another page, then I realized it was much better if you could actually create your own products and sell them on your blog.

 When posting online, it takes a lot of time and hardwork if you want to succeed and if you don’t have time to dedicate to blogging you should hire someone to do it for you.

 Readers love consistency and the ability to know when they can expect new content. Therefore you need to develop a consistent schedule, whether Monthly, weekly, daily or multiple times a day. You need to be consistent.

  All Feedback is a good feedback, both the negative and positive comments because it’s a way to improve your future posts. 

  Setting a goal is also very important. It will keep you going at all times. You can set a goal of 1,000 subscribers. This can enable you leave your comfort zone.  There are so many benefits online, so many people are making it big online, if you want to see it as a way to make money or you see it as a passion, it’s all good but make up your mind that no matter what happens you won’t give up.

  You don’t have to be a great writer to be a successful content creator. When I started my blog I could not write more than 5 lines but I never gave up. Today I sit down and just write. The secret really is consistency and you will surely grow.

  The achievement of your page demands high level of discipline from you in every area.  Without self discipline and self control in business, no success is possible.

  It requires tremendous focus and discipline to do the things necessary to attract customers to purchase your products. When you are starting for the first time, you will make a lot of mistakes and that’s fine, it is not unusual for an entrepreneur to be wrong 90 percent of the time in the beginning of His career.

 All business investment and business start-ups requires a high level of optimism. You must believe in the future possibilities of your business. You must have so much confidence in their marketing that you are willing to undertake financial risk and invest many hours, weeks and years to achieve your business goals.

  When you start, you must create a complete business plan before you start operations and you must continue to update it and revise it every year there after. A major reason for business failure is that business owner or executives rely on assumptions that are not tested.

  Some fail because they really lack discipline and passion. They lack the discipline to carefully study every aspect of what they want to go into, is it fashion, makeup or music. They don’t try to improve. The purpose of you starting in the first place is to add value, when you start adding value you will be able to achieve a lot, People will begin to contact you. Profits are not the purpose of a business, profits are the result of creating and keeping sufficient numbers of customers. The answer is customer satisfaction, every effort and activity of your business must be aimed at satisfying customers in a manner that is better than any other competitors.

 You require the self discipline to work long, hard hours for many Months and even years to get to the top in your business. Some entrepreneurs even work seventy to eighty hours per week in the first years of building their business. You must be prepared to discipline yourself to put in the amount of time and level of hardwork if you want to be the best and get to the top of your field.

  It takes many years of discipline effort for you to become a business success. There are no shortcuts, there are no easy way to get to the top. There is only one way and that is through hardwork, discipline and will power.

  Peter Drucker said

  “The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer”

   Your page can also be your business, the approach you take to starting determines what will come out of it in future, without a plan and the right approach no amount of swearing will get you where you want to go.


Ormah is one of the successful gospel bloggers in Nigeria. She publishes more in depth coverage of Nigerian music, motivational articles, real life stories, lifestyle and her faith in God. Ormah is an excellent writer and has written 3 books. She is also a content marketing professional and reading Ormah's blog has become a part of Nigerian's daily routines.