Breaking Soul ties is a very important topic that I feel a lot of People take for granted, I met this very interesting Girl, She was one of the most beautiful Girl I have ever seen, as a Girl there are some People you meet that you just know, wow! This Person was indeed given the gift of beauty, but there was something She was dealing with, She needed help.

I remember this faithful Day, She started telling me of the problems She was dealing with, She started telling me of how She was dealing with Spiritual Husband, I’ve heard of this Spiritual Husband before but I have never met someone that was indeed going through that.

She told me of How the Spiritual Husband will push Her out of the Bed, some days She would wake up and find Herself of the Floor, could you imagine someone going through such a tough time.

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She didn’t think it was a big deal or that it was an issue until She just met Her Husband and now it looked like the Spiritual Husband was also disturbing this Man, She was disturbed because now She realized the reason why She always had all these relationship problems in Her past was as a result of these Spiritual Husband.

Thankfully Her Husband was spiritual and they fought the battle spiritually before they got married.

So many People are going through the same, dealing with Spiritual Husband and facing a lot as a result of the Wrong soul tie. This soul tie is as a result of your past mistakes, having sexual relationships with someone that you are not married to. Every time you do this you give the Devil legal access to come to your Life bringing negativity, or even getting married in the Spirit realm.

Breaking soul ties and getting rid of Spiritual Husband, you need to take time out in prayers and fasting to break every form of Soul tie you’ve probably had in your past.

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