What do we really mean by fellowship with God daily? Have you ever wondered how your life will be if you spend time to pray and study the word of God daily? There are so many times I wonder at how fast God has changed my Life, it all started when I decided to live for God. We must learn to fellowship with God always.

Gloria Copland in her Book “to know Him” spoke about How God wants us to have a daily fellowship with God, She gave an example of if Jesus is sitting at the table. “Well Jesus!” You would say with surprise. “I’m thrilled you came by. I’ve really been wanting to see you. I have some serious problems and I need your help. I wish I had time to talk to you about them right now, but I have to run. I’m having lunch downtown and I have to take care of some business. Maybe we’ll have time to talk awhile when I come Home tonight.” When you arrive Home, your son has a little League game, so you rush out the door saying, I’m sorry, Jesus. I have to go to the game right now. We’ll spend a few minutes together before I go to bed tonight, OK?” But when you return from the little League game, you are so tired. You think, I just need to watch a little television to relax. Then you fall asleep in front of the television, while Jesus continues to sit and wait for you at your kitchen table. Finally, the day has slipped completely away, and you have missed your opportunity to be with Him.

Of course you probably think you would never do such a thing. If Jesus physically came to your House, you’d stop everything just to be with him. Yet, when you understand how real the spirit realm is, when you fully realize that His precious Holy Spirit is right there inside you, waiting for you day after day, you’ll see that it’s just as foolish to neglect your daily fellowship with Him in the word and in prayer as it would be to leave Jesus sitting alone at your Kitchen table.

So many times we are always too busy to even say a little prayer to God. The  truth is that if you make it a must to talk to God daily, it will turn out to be something you can’t do without. The secret to your success in life depend on daily fellowship with God by praying  and studying the word of God.

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