In life it’s easy to be happy when all is well but what about when things are not going the way we want them to?

There are times when it looks like God is silent, especially when He has not answered your prayers and you can’t bear the pain, you are probably tired of talking to friend and families about your issue.

The joy of the Lord is your strength and you need to know that because indeed when you choose to be excited even when all things are not going your way, you confuse the Devil who is throwing all the attack your way.

When I gave my life to Christ and decided to serve God fully it felt like my problems doubled, some of you will be thinking that when you decide to follow God that’s when everything would always be fine. I want to tell you that the Devil attack those who have great destinies. You have a great destiny that’s why you are facing so much now, that’s why you must always remain hot at all times.

To be hot means to always be on fire, to separate a particular period of time every day of your life in prayer and in the word of God. Don’t be weary, when it feels like nothing is going the way you want them to. God is not going to let the Devil have his way in your life. You are a victor and not a victim.

I love my pain because it makes me better. Do you know that an Eagle cannot fly without a contrary wind? let them keep discriminating you, let them keep criticizing you. It’s only going to make you better. All things(both good and bad) are working for your good.

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