Don’t Give Up Now!

Don’t give up! You may think the best time to give up on your dreams is when you are faced with a particular challenge.

In your difficult moments, when it feels you are lost that’s when you should trust Him. Never give up on your dreams. Trust God’s timing.

Sometimes we get carried away by things happening in the World and it’s easy to loose focus of what God really has for us but we must never doubt God’s ability and We should never leave God’s presence.

Don’t Give Up

He loves you even when you were not perfect, go to Him. He knows the way and He wants to show you, don’t loose hope. Keep dreaming, keep believing in Him.

God knows how you feel, He knows what you are going through, it’s easy to give up, but you won’t be fulfilled. You are the best, trust God’s timing. Do you want happiness? Do you want the greatest love? Do you want the greatest peace? Trust God!! Faith moves God to do incredible things.. Even when it does not exist, but for your sake He will create a unique solution.

Everyone feels lonely Sometimes, if it’s because you are feeling lonely that you want to give up.. Check out this Video I did, what help me to overcome loneliness.

Are You Feeling Lonely

We know who we are in Christ, We are not moved by what we see, We are not moved by what is happening around us. We also know what our God can do, we are not afraid and We can’t give up!!

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