Dunsin Oyekan Said I Sing With My Nose

I really use to feel myself back in college that I was such a good singer, every time I would want to take my bath in the hostel I would be singing on top of my voice like I was a pro, not until Dunsin Oyekan told me I do sing with my nose, He sang a popular song with Kim Burrel that we all know “Na you”I realized that it’s more than just singing on top of my voice every morning, I also needed some knowledge. 

I went for COZA competition when I was doing my IT, everybody I invited except for Victoria and Cynthia refused to follow me to participate for the competition, and during my training I got the knowledge that I do sing with my nose, so guys am going to be help you with the major tips on how you can stop singing through your Nose but first let me show you how to test if you sing from your Nose.

1) Using your Fingers press your Nostrils until the point where you can’t close it anymore. Try to sing and see if you feel the air pressure coming through your Nose. If it does then you surely sing through your Nose.

2) If you have a blocked Nose, you need to try to sing with this blocked Nose and see if you sing the same way as normal,well this problem doesn’t persist. If it holds true then you do not sing through your Nose but if it isn’t then you surely do sing through your Nose.

The very thing you must know is swallowing or bearing down muscles think they are helping you sing, so to close your throat and thereby send sounds into your nasal cavities, this is the reason why you sometimes sing with your Nose.

The first practice you must try in order to avoid singing with your Nose is to try to sing a song and replace the words of the song with “gah”.

Another thing you can do to help you stop singing through your nose is to plug your nose while singing, you may sound less nasally when you have learnt how to sing without being able to channel air through your Nose.

Learn to open your mouth wider when you sing, it will help you raise your soft palate and prevent nasal singing.

Practice singing with the right posture, until the proper posture is used to you, you can always practice singing while standing.

Everyone sings with their Nose, if you use your Fingers to close your nostrils and try singing, you will realize that you get a different sound and most time if you can also get a voice coach that would help you all the way, even if some songs and singing styles go well with nasality it’s not always a good sound to hear.

Majority of the singer that don’t sound nasal have trained their breath, if you learn how to train your breath, you will be able to control your voice in a better way.




There are so many things musicians should take note of, it’s certainly going to help them achieve success as a musician, here are 15 things every musician should take note of:


Taking risk as a musician is very necessary. Avoidance of risk is the reason why most people shy away from building a music career; it’s also the reason why most people choose to remain the same. To be a Successful musicianinvolves taking risks. If you don’t embrace risk-taking, you may want to rethink being a musician.

Countless musicians have taken risks to get their businesses to where they are now. Taking risks, however, does not mean going into business blindly and then expecting great results. Taking risks in the music industry involves careful planning and hard work.


Your business plan should be a strategic document outlining where you are and where you want to be. It should describe the history, organizational framework, and goals of your business. Use your mission and vision statements as a starting point when developing a business plan. The finished plan should be used as a guide to decide how to run the business, and delivered to potential investors when seeking funding.

Your mission statement describes what your business or organization does on a daily basis.

Think about your competition. Is your share of the market going to increase or decrease? How can you make it increase more? Use past data on similar businesses to determine how the market is changing.

Identify the audience for your product or service. Who will buy them? Who do you want to buy them? How can you expand your business to make your goods attractive for new markets? Analyze these problems and work your conclusions into your business plan.

A vision statement describes what you want to do in the big picture, both now and in the future. For instance, a nonprofit vision statement might read, “We want increase literacy in Detroit to 100%.” Develop a plan for fulfilling your vision.

Your business plan should include a section on marketing. How will you advertise your goods or services? Who are your ads aimed at?


Creativity is the art of bringing an idea or imagination to life.

Creativity is very important, seeing things from a different perspective. Creating better ways of doing things. A Musician needs this essential tool of the mind in order to experience unusual growth. Lack of creativity may lead to a nominal way of approaching issues in business which will eventually lead to stagnation and ultimately failure. The mind is an active tool when engaged productively thereby emitting solutions and changes to the way things have always been done.God has given us a sound mind and expects us to engage it in proffering and creating solutions as an extension of his work on earth.


It is quite common for many people, when they are unhappy or frustrated for any reason, to go shopping. They unconsciously associate buying something with being happy,so many musicians started strong but after making it in the music industry they squander everything and went back to nothing. When it doesn’t work as they expected, they buy something else. Sometimes unhappy people go on shopping sprees. They buy lots of things they don’t need because they unconsciously associate spending with happiness.

You need to reach into your subconscious mind and disconnect the wire linking “spending” and “happiness” You need to then reconnect that “happiness” wire to the “saving and investing” wire. Instead of saying I feel happy when I spend money, you will say “I feel happy when I save money”.

Today financial advisers suggest that you need to save 15 or 20 percent of your income in order to achieve all your financial goals. Any less than this opens you up to the risk of running out of money later in life. Everyone who has ever practiced this principal of regular saving is absolutely astonished at how quickly their financial fortunes change for the better.


Everyone has their short coming making your own kind of music is one of the things that would give you so much joy, one of the things that would get you connected to you as a musicians is to sing songs that you can easily connect to.


Comparison distract you from your own path, everyone is unique in their own music, you should not compare yourself with anyone but be the better version of yourself. If you love someone’s music that much, you can listen to their music and learn one or two from them but don’t compare yourself with them. Focus on your strength instead of looking at your mind to focus on your strengths and use them to your best advantage.

7) YOU MUST BELIEVE YOU CAN CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT: God is the source and you must believe that anything is possible. Believe and have faith in the bad times that whatever you put your mind to or the life you want can be achieved.


“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender, it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment”- Stephen Covey

The idea is to focus on consistent improvement in your life, everyday, no matter how small the step you take to be a better you than you were yesterday.


Put God as the center of your life, seeking God in decision-making and all life activities leads to happiness, it’s our nature to put “self” first, so make the decision today and put God in the center of your activities and decisions.

10) BE GRATEFUL: Some people are never satisfied, but learning to recognize the blessings you have can lead to happiness. At any stage you are in, you must be truly grateful.

11) SMILE: When you smile whether you are happy or not it elevate your mood. Smiling to someone else whether your friends or colleagues can also elevate their mood. Someone once said that people who smile during painful procedures reported less pain than those who kept their facial features neutral.

12) STAY CLOSE TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY: People get really busy to have time for friends and family, but I realized that our relationship with friends and family have a great impact on our happiness.

13) LEARN TO FORGIVE: This is a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment towards a person or a group. To forgive is a divine attribute which can lead to happiness, scripture refer to forgiveness in two ways; the lord commands us to repent of our sins and seek his forgiveness and he also said we should forgive those who offend us.


Act 20:35

There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. We give to be a blessing to others, you can give love, joy and so much more. Give joyfully and generously. Remember what ever you give will sure be giving back to you.

15) LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE IN ALL YOUR EXPERIENCES: You may be facing challenges now, but always try to see the positive. It’s important to think about the greatest setbacks as experiences we can always learn from for great results in the future.

16) MAKE A LIST OF PERSONAL GOALS: Set up clear goals and you should aspire and work towards them, what do you want to be good at, make sure to set positive goals that would drive you to be better in music.

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