God Cares For You

 God cares for you and I realized in my Life how God loves to get involved in the little things, I’m talking about little things even my Hair or my makeup. God wants to get involved with every details of your Life.

I think most of us don’t know what love and care really means, but do you know that God loves you and He cares for you? He loves us so much.

In my Faith journey I am always happy and grateful of God’s love for me, I love to communicate everything with Him down to the little things.

God loves us and we need to know this, we also need to fellowship with Him daily and also spend time reading His Word.

When you love, you give your time, you give money, you give. If you truly love someone, you would give to that person.

God Cares For You

God gave us His Son, He sacrificed His Son for us, that is the greatest love ever and it’s amazing to be loved that way.

When I was reading the Book of Genesis. I came across the verse that talked on how God regretted creating Man after He saw how selfish Man was, how deep in Sin Man was, there was only one Man who made a difference, that Man was Noah. In our World today, do you think God can say you are that Man or Woman?

All it took was one Man to make the difference, and God promised never to destroy the World.

It really hurts to love someone so deeply and they don’t feel the same way, or reciprocate the Love.

Trust God

When God sent His Son, He did it for us, We need to remember that. He was not thinking of our Sin, or our mistakes, He was only concerned about saving the Ones He loved dearly. What have you sacrificed for God? What is that thing you know is hurting God but you are still doing? Drop it at God’s feet today because He cares for you.

No one is perfect, Yes! But we are made perfect through the help of the Holyspirit, and only the Holyspirit can help you.

No matter how much you hunger and search for love, you will never find it else where. The greatest love you can ever find is in God, He is love and only God can give that satisfaction, only God can give you everything you need. Don’t forget that.

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