Lot of times, I hear pastors talk about how developing an attitude of praise towards God can change our lives. I recall a time when a certain pastor said

“praise is what to do when nothing else works”.

Also my pastor at the redeemed church told us a story about a couple, who was about signing their wedding registration when the ” groom” collapsed and died at the spot. The pastors present were confused, they started praying for hours but nothing happened.

Tension in the room was rising and the pastors didn’t know what to tell the congregation and just then, they decided to try praise.

They praised God from the bottom of their hearts and with every strength they could gather. Lo and behold, the man came back to life.

I have personally seen the mighty works of God in my life when I praise him. I remember the afternoon I checked my final year result and noticed I had a carry over, I was so sad but I made a conscious decision to praise God.

I praised him till I was tired and left the result at his feet. Today I am a 2.1 graduate with a B.Eng in Electrical Electronics.
I also remember when I applied for a job but got rejected, I was so sad because I felt I had wasted my time writing the exam.

As God would have it that day was my pastors birthday and a special thanksgiving service was held on his behalf and we had 5 hours to praise God. I just forced myself to praise as I wasn’t in the mood at all. But I praised God like never before.

I forgot about the whole thing and moved on with my life. Then something miraculous happened, I was called to resume at a place I didn’t apply to. It could have only been God.

There is power in praise, the truth is even when you don’t see God or hear him, it does not mean he is not working.


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