Today I had to actually reflect on my life and everything going in my life, I am grateful but every part of me still wants more. There is this desire, it never ends and I don’t know why, maybe this is God reminding me to still work hard in achieving more goals. I sometimes just want to stop, just go out to the forest or something and just remain in that quiet serene environment maintaining absolute tranquility where I feel like there is no one to actually disturb my peace.

I don’t normally listen to Selena Gomez’s songs, but today I did and somehow I saw a video of her also, She survived a kidney surgery, where Her friend willingly sacrificed a Kidney for her. I think it’s such a blessing to have friends who would stick out their necks for you in hard times .I really wonder if I have such friends, chasing my dreams have really put me in a position where it seems like I’m now a treat to some of my friends, I get scared of talking about the success in my life with some People, especially those who think i’m competing with them.

 God has been so good to me, I really can’t deny that, with just little effort, He does amazing things for me. I call it grace.. really grace exist but it also comes with a little cost. All the things I have now in my life where given birth to from a point of pain, some I never understood but it pushed me, it really pushed me to be better, to show myself that I can do anything, nothing is impossible.

I hear that quotes a lot “Nothing is Impossible”. I have written it so many times but I realized that most people don’t believe, who are we deceiving, I also have moments in my life where I also have to make myself believe it. The truth is whether you believe it or not it exists, when you believe God. There is nothing like impossibility. 

You may be tired of Life today, but I need you to pause just for a minute, think of that Girl or Boy that never  had the chance to live to this day, think of what you have, the people that love you.. If there is still a part of you that feel like you don’t have anyone or maybe you feel like you don’t have anything, think of God who died for you, even when you were a sinner. He loved you that much. 

I still need an advice on how to convince my class mate to follow me to Church because She does not know God, she does not have a religion, I’m trying not to force Her and I feel like God is telling me  to be patient and keep praying for Her. I’m in this place filled with people that don’t know God, don’t serve God, don’t even believe He exist.

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I try to talk to them but I feel like they don’t comprehend , they never understand, and every time all I hear the Spirit of God telling me to do is to be patient and to keep praying for them.

Don’t be tired of life, you have so much to live for and to be grateful for, you might not be where you want to be now but always remember that there are so many people praying to be at the position you are now. Keep believing God, never doubt Him for a second. He loves you and He wants the best for you. It might take a little time but it will still come to Pass.

    Maybe that’s why life is so precious..No rewind or fast foward…Just patience and faith.

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