Sometimes we may get to the point in our lives where we get so tired because of every negative things that may be going on in our lives, we should never forget we are never alone and when it feels like we need God’s help we should not be scared to ask him.

God knows that we are not perfect, He just wants us to be open and sincere to Him. David was a Man after God’s heart and God loved him so much but do you know David was never perfect , He did a lot of stuff that was not good but God still said He was a Man after His own Heart. God wants us to be sincere, He wants us to be open to Him.

God hates iniquity and if you are living a sinful life, you should ask Him for mercy and not go back to your old ways. If you are probably going through anything, God understands, learn to pour out your Heart to Him. He understands, He wants the best for you and He would grant you your heart desires if you truly believe in Him.

Try to pray, have a moment of privacy with the Lord, there is nothing like a private time with God.

We can’t live this life without the help of God, we just can’t do anything on our own. We need the help of God and that’s why we should always go back to Him everyday to help us in our daily lives if we want to live a victorious life.

God is bigger, stronger and wiser than you are. You do not have to carry your burdens alone. God never intended for us to live under the pressure of everything depending on us but it’s when we lean on Him instead of ourselves that we experience supernatural strength and provision.

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