This Month is a self improvement month for me, I realized how reluctant I was in self improvement last Month.. I made up my mind that September is going to be a Month to remember, but why put off working on yourself until next September 1st? You can start your own month of radical self-improvement whenever you want! Here are 6 practical ways to improve yourself, Try working toward at least one of these things every day for the next 26 days, 3 months and more years to come and get ready to see some incredible changes in your life.


Instead of focusing on life’s little distractions or annoyances, take a step back and shift your focus to the long term. What goals would you like to achieve a month, a year, five years or ten years from now? Write down your goal in specific, measurable details, including the date you want to reach your goal, how you will know when you reach your goal as well as the specific steps you will take to reach it.

One of the best ways to stay focused is to consistently review your goals. Make a point to schedule regular check-ins for yourself each week to check up on your progress. Ask yourself whether you kept on track towards your goals or if you were sidetracked during the week. What items can you seek to correct for the following week?

It’s hard to know what to focus on if you’re constantly in motion, running from one thing to another. Try taking some down time just for yourself. Read a good book, watch the tide come in at the beach, go for a walk in the park, or just sit quietly at home. Spending some time alone can help put things in perspective.


Everyone that come into your life must not be your friend. Don’t be too naive to think that everyone that come into your life wants the best for you. If you want to achieve a lot in your life, you have to stay away from negativity, because they will keep bringing you down, there are People that won’t be happy for your success, and the truth is that you didn’t have to do anything wrong to attract people like. This Month beware of dream killers, some of your Families and friends might try to discourage you about something that you are passionate about but you must create your reality and choose your future.


There’s a story in the bible about how God healed ten lepers and one of them came back to show gratitude to Jesus, Jesus was aware that they were ten of them but he saw just one that’s why he asked “Didn’t I heal ten and only one came back?”. We must never forget how significant gratitude can be, even when it seem like things are not going according to plan.

I remember when I went for Nathaniel Bassey concert on a Sunday night, and I was heading home when I was robbed of a phone I got a day before. I was so disturbed at first because I just bought the phone. A lot of thoughts came to my mind like; why does it have to be my phone? Why does it have to be after I went to worship God? How am I going to make the vlogs I was planning to? At this moments of thoughts, there was just this very still voice “BE GRATEFUL!”.

I was dwelling too much on what was taken that I forgot the things that never happened and what I needed to be grateful for. God was with me and I left that environment without getting hurt, it was just my phone that was taken, I was not kidnapped and nothing bad happened to me. I went back home feeling really grateful to God and I trusted God to take control of what had happened. The battle was the Lord’s and I knew that God was going to give me times seven of what the devil stole from me.

Sometimes you must never let the things you want make you forget what you have. When you are grateful it shows your faith and trust in him and opens the door for his hands of blessing to move in every area of your life.


How To Read More Booago

  • Speed Read: Speed reading has been attacked by all sorts of people for being fake, compromising understanding or based on junk-science. I think this is based on the misconception that speed-reading is all about a magical technique that allows you to blur through pages, rather than plain, common-sense habits to make reading faster. There are entire books on speed reading, but here are a few tips that have stuck with me since I first learned to speed read a few years ago
  • Use a pointer. Run your index finger beneath the text on the page. This keeps your eyes focused on a specific point on the page. After a week or two of adapting to using your finger, this can boost your reading rate considerably. Practice read. Practice reading means “reading” slightly faster than you can actually comprehend. While you won’t get any new information from practice reading, this trains you to read without needing to subvocalize (repeat the words in your head).
  • Start a Morning Ritual: Recently I decided to set aside time for reading each morning. Following when I wake up at 5:30, I read for an hour and a half. This lets me squeeze in reading time on a schedule that would otherwise be too busy during the day. Even if you can only devote 15-30 minutes of reading each morning you can read 20-30 books each year.
  • One Book at a Time: Trying to multi-task between books is wasting your time. My rule is that I should continue reading one book until I finish it, or decide to quit it entirely. Putting one book on hold to start another just crowds your to-do list.
  • Carry a Book With You: If you plan on going anywhere, keep a book with you and you can read if you are forced to wait. Throughout your day there are probably many moments where you have to wait for a few minutes in lines, during breaks or when traveling. Having a book with you means those moments aren’t wasted.
  • Audio Books: Most popular books have audio versions. While the audio versions are more expensive (use the library), you can have something to play in your car when you are driving or in your iPod when walking around.


5) GET ACTIVE: Getting more exercise is good for your body, plus exercise releases endorphins that make you happier. Whether you opt to learn to dance, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or run for 20 minutes each day, adding more activity into your routine will put you into a positive mindset.

6) BELIEVE IN YOURSELF MORE: Believing in yourself is something you must do because it motivates you to achieve more, practice daily positive affirmation to empower yourself for the day ahead, because you failed the first time don’t mean you are a failure, you can only be a failure when you stop doing more. It’s easy to see the good quality in others, but you find out that most people hardly see the good in themselves, you have to learn to applaud yourself of the smallest thing you’ve done. You have to encourage yourself everyday and believe you can achieve your dream, if you want to be great you must keep encouraging yourself and never give up.


Ormah is one of the successful gospel bloggers in Nigeria. She publishes more in depth coverage of Nigerian music, motivational articles, real life stories, lifestyle and her faith in God. Ormah is an excellent writer and has written 3 books. She is also a content marketing professional and reading Ormah's blog has become a part of Nigerian's daily routines.