The morning season motivation video 'An Emiking concept'

by Emmanuel ‘Emiking’ John B.Engr.

God and dance has been two topics causing a dilemma in the world today, even the past as well. The body of Christ to my surprise stands with this same dilemma devastating minds today, they even tend to divide God and art/culture. According to my field of research, there is art for the church and there is art from the church; If you tend to reach out to the world, you have to get into what gets their attention to pass this message of grace; sorry for the diversion from topic “GOD’S PLANS IN LINE WITH DANCE”. It is one thing to know what God’s plan is for your life and understanding and understanding what his plan has called you to do. There are two keywords here “God’s plan” and “Dance”. It is one thing to understand God’s plan or if I may put it calling for you to be used in dance as an art to preach his message of grace and it is another thing to understand what dance is and its true purpose as intended by God. In a short while we will discuss on two topics; God’s plan for your life and his plans to use you through ?. (If only you submit to his leading…) Dance has a tool of restoration.

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