Today I’m not the person I use to be because I practice this Self love tips I’m about to give you, I’m still growing but I’m certainly not the person I use to be.

I know that there a lot Girls that have lack of self-love, some of them cover it up by being so bitchy and looking for attention, while some People just know how to be calm.

Self-love is an unconditional feeling of love, acceptance, and appreciation for who you are. It is knowing that you are enough and that you feel okay with your imperfections.

I realized now how I always made myself feel so bad when I make a mistake or do something that is not perfect, I feel like there are so many People that have not learnt to love themselves and their imperfections.

Self love

I have come to the realization that I was struggling with insecurities and I needed to work on them, I did not try to pretend like they never existed, but I told myself the truth and I started working on them. I saw how the very first Book I read changed my Life and then I read more Books, and sometimes I get lazy but I still forced myself to Read and also listen to self-helpful videos.

 If you want to attract an amazing person into your life, you have to raise your personal standards and be equally amazing. 

You need to be your ow best friend, sometimes you need really tell yourself the truth. How would you talk to your best friend? Speak to yourself in the exact same way. You deserve the love that you so freely give to others.

There is also something I learnt from Joel osteen when I actually started working on myself and that is writing down some of my accomplishments, things that I have done there was an improvement.

You can watch : I almost gave up

Engaging in this habit will help you find the good in the small things, no matter what challenges you are going through. I think that celebration is a critical skill to develop Yourself if you want to step into your power and achieve your life’s goals.

Working on yourself and having that self-love takes a lot of practice, it’s easier said than done. Making up your mind to let the People that don’t see your value go no matter how much you love them might not be so easy but it’s necessary.

I also realized that when it comes to self-love you don’t decide to work on yourself, and then stop. You will practically go to level one again. Example maybe you make up your mind not to be in a toxic relationship and then one day, you just say ‘I love Him let me just stay,’ your self-worth is going to reduce, that self-confidence you use to have will just decrease, and then when you finally end that toxic relationship, you would have to start afresh to develop yourself again,


A key component of loving yourself is learning how to say no to others and being okay with it. How often do you say yes to the things that matter to you? Self-care and success go hand in hand. You should never feel like you need to explain to others why YOU are a priority. This is a way of showing people how you deserve to be treated.

It use to be so hard for me to say No, I would go back feeling so bad or guilty. When you love yourself you would work so hard on your goals and dreams, you would believe in yourself and avoid everyone that look down you, you won’t even want to hang around the People that look down on you.

Start making the changes you know you need to make. Forgive your past self. Show gratitude for who you are and what you have right now. Do something every day that makes you happy. Go out of your way to be loving and kind to others too

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