Singles: Are you waiting till marriage to live your life

As I walked into the room filled with girls discussing, I over heard one of the girls make a statement “I cannot wait to get married ooo, my life go just change…I go quite this job and start doing something I like abeg, I no get plenty money”
It’s actually funny how some single ladies will wait until they get married before focusing on their dreams or forgetting that after marriage comes alot of responsibility.

Let me ask you, are you waiting to get married before you start your masters? Are you waiting to get married before you start your dream job? Are you waiting to get married before you start saving?

I remember early this year when a guy was asking to be in a relationship with me, he was nice and God fearing but I was just not hearing a go ahead from God concerning him. I had prayed and the truth is that he seemed like a perfect man any woman should want to marry and he was insisting about us being together, but I know that we look at the physical appearance but God looks at the heart. He even made a statement “Do you know what I can help you achieve concerning Ormah’s blog? “.

That was such a wrong statement, and I have always believed that God will do something knew for the blog through any means but I was not going to enter into a wrong relationship just because of my blog. I had to make him understand that I won’t have to marry before I start living my dreams or before God will do great things with the goals he placed in my heart. God’s timing is always the best and when the time is right, it will happen.

Ladies you are a gift to a man, stop chasing after a man to love you, it just means you don’t know your value. God created you because he knew there was a man in need of you, so be patient and trust God’s timing.

Try to upgrade yourself, read books and spend more time on the word of God. Take good care of yourself, invest. If you can buy a car or own your house please do, don’t believe that you won’t find a man that will marry you if you have your own car and house.

Live your life for God not for any man, decide to keep your body pure not just because of marriage but because it’s what God’s word says. When you spend more time with God you will have more understanding of your value.

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