Sometimes Your Worst Times Become Your Best Times

When it seems like you’re in your worst times is when your belief, faith, and trust are tested the most. God has the best interest for you, sometimes when a door closes you don’t know what God is saving you from or what he is preparing you for.

I remember going for a COZA singing competition and I was on probation, when it was time to choose who was going to the next level. I did not make it to the next level. I was very discouraged and I thought I was never going to sing again. I did not know that God was using that opportunity to prepare me, to teach me and to make me better. When I went back to school I saw myself doing things I thought I could never do, I sang for the first time in a large crowd, everyone said I did so well. God used me to minister to his people. The truth was I thought I was rejected, but instead I was prepared to be a better minister for God.

The truth is maybe someone rejected you or told you that “you are not good enough”. I want you to know that God has not left you, he is working at that very moment to bring the best in you. I don’t know what you have lost but I want to tell you that it’s not over, don’t give up and believe that there is a God that can change that very difficult situation to your breakthrough, don’t let your difficulties fill you with anxiety but with hope that God is greater than that challenge.

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