When the World says give up

Don’t give up, With all that is happening right now, so many People in pain, first it was the Corona Virus, then it was the Racism, the rape, the joblessness, the lack..

It’s easy to feel discouraged, how is our tomorrow going to be? how I’m I going to feed myself? why is Life turning the way it is?

Give up

So much uncertainty about the future but then we have to pause and ask ourselves this question, who owns our future’God’, yes God owns our future.

We have to know that there is nothing new happening in the face of the Earth, things like this happening only remind us of who God is, who our trust should be on.

Give up

We should go back to God in praise, in thanksgiving, because He is good. Even when you don’t know the prayers to pray, Go to God thanking Him for everything He has done, what He is still doing.

Pray to Him, He answers prayers but above all we must still be grateful that we are alive today, we have not heard any bad news, only good news from God. He is a faithful God and He will always be faithful.

When the World says give up, hope whispers Try one more time.

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