The Bible is so important to empower us in our daily lives, we really need to understand that as believers, we have to read the Bible.

It is like a manual that guide us through Life, when I made the decision to read the Bible and to remain consistent, I didn’t even think it would impact me so much. Today I’m seeing the impact.

There are so many things I’ve learnt since I started reading my Bible. You can’t read the Bible just once, it’s a continuous process you have keep doing. You have to meditate on it daily.

I decided to share my journey of reading the Bible because I wanted to encourage a lot of People to do the same, and ever since I started sharing my journey, the feedbacks have been amazing.

I am so happy that God lead me to make the decision, it helped me grow spiritually, it helped me understand God more and what He wants me to do every day and every time. It made me understand who I am in Christ.

Bible reading

YOU ARE A CHOSEN GENERATION: You are a chosen generation, You are God’s love and without God You have nothing, without God You have no one. I want you all to join me in this journey of transformation. Let’s do this together.

The moment you make the decision to complete your Bible, it’s also important that you pray for God to guide you, for God to help you. God knows your Heart and He wants you to grow, He wants you to know more about Him.

In this Life every solution to any problem is in the Bible, that is why you need the Bible to live a Life of fulfillment.

There are so many Lives that God has transformed from His word, there is power in His Word, God’s Word can move mountains, bring about revival and transformation.

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