You CAN’T change him! But..

I remember watching this Video by Tony Gaskins, and it talks about how Women think that we can easily change a Man. A Man has to change on His own, As a Woman you are to influence Him

We all have the Power as Women to influence a Man to Work on His flaws, You should not be scared to leave a Man who does not love you enough to make better decisions. If He is slapping you, beating, cheating on you or disrespecting you, and you remain in that relationship. It shows you don’t love Him or even Love Yourself.



If He truly loves you then He should earn your love, You are the price, you are the Gift.. You need to be aware of this. Don’t allow yourself to settle for just anything. You are beautiful and wonderfully made by God, don’t allow yourself be treated like trash. A Man love to be with a Woman He worked for, He will treasure the Woman that knows Her worth and value.

I was always scared to tell a Guy I was dating back in College what I wanted, or correct Him for some of the things I felt He was doing wrong because I didn’t want to loose Him, so some days He would treat me just anyhow and I would stay in the relationship, even days when I spoke up He never accepted His faults, never! I stayed because I loved Him, and I felt that was my way of showing love, accepting everything He was doing to me even when I knew I should have left that relationship.

I still lost Him because He didn’t treasure me, He didn’t know my value that was why He would disrespect me over and over and expected I should be okay with it.

When I knew my value I stopped allowing myself get disrespected, even if it didn’t work out, it was okay because I am the price, I’m the gift. That is how I started thinking and acting, God gave me a Man that knew my worth, and treated me with so much respect. Someone that would own His faults and still love me and be willing to change them, not just because of me, but because of us. He knew that all I wanted was for Him to be the best version of Himself.


I noticed how easy it was to let go of relationships that I was never in love with whomever I was dating, but when it came to the Man I truly loved, it became so hard. I would give myself all the excuse why I needed to stay with Him, I would say He is not perfect, no Man is perfect. I would give myself all the excuse in the World.


You can’t change a Man. He is the one that will make that decision to change on His own, you are not helping Him by staying when you know you should leave. Let God do the changing, you are not God!

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