You dated too long Sis!!

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I’ve never dated a guy that long, it’s just something I didn’t like and I didn’t think it was right to date someone who would take you for granted.

I got a question from someone who was asking me how to get over someone whom She dated for 7 Years, after that He left Her for Someone else.

That Story really got to me because She has a Child for this Guy, I didn’t like that a Child had to go through this.

Growing up as a Child the one thing I didn’t want was to come from a separate Home, whereby my Dad and Mum are not together. No Child wants that.

Every Woman should know that whatever you do today, will affect your future. So be careful with the kind of decisions you make.

After I read Her question, I didn’t like that She didn’t know that this guy did not love Her. She didn’t know that if He saw Her as a Wife, He won’t break up with Her. He left Her because He didn’t see Her as the Woman He wanted to spend the rest of His Life with.

No Man breaks up with a Woman they want to marry or see as their Wife.

As a Woman you should know your worth, don’t let anyone treat you like trash, You are a Queen, if someone does not know your worth that should not devalue you. You deserve to be with someone that would love you and treat you with respect. The respect that you deserve.


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