Do you talk too much? I’m the kind of girl that loves talking, I just like  sharing whatever that is bothering me, sometimes it’s not really because I’m looking for a solution, I just like to talk a lot.

The funny thing is that not everyone get to see this part of me, it’s a part of me that only those I am close to get to see.

If we are not close, you will probably think I’m the most quiet person on earth, funny enough i’m not.

I had to teach myself to stop talking about my problems, because I learnt that no matter how many times you talk about your problems to people, the truth is they may not have solutions to them. When you decide to talk to God about our challenges, It’s much better than talking to People who may not have solution to that challenge. There is surely nothing impossible for God to do.

The most shocking thing happened to me while I was trekking down one day to a particular place and then this Man from no where stopped me and started saying, it’s because you tell People things before they happen, it was funny because I’m like who is this guy? But then he repeated what he said this time He said it like an instruction.

“Stop telling People everything before they happen!!”.

In my mind I didn’t really want to take him or his words serious, for cry out loud like who just stops you and make such comments but then I decided to try out what he said, I reduced what I use to tell People, and I saw a change. I didn’t need any book or pastor to tell me that it was putting me in trouble.

Maybe it’s the same with you “Do you talk too much!!? You don’t need to tell everyone just everything, even some of the visions God show you, you don’t need to start telling everyone about it, when it’s time to share it, you can. Its important to note that …not everyone will be happy for you sharing your vision so allow God to complete his work and save yourselve the stress of disappointments , definitely , you can share them at the right time.

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