Your imperfections are perfect baby!let’s be real, there are moments when it looks like you don’t feel like you have the capability to achieve somethings or probably you don’t believe in yourself.. We all know that it looks impossible for a blind Man to walk without help right?

Even with that you still need to know that it’s okay to have moments like that when you feel you don’t you can do anything, it will help you depending because you are about to give birth to the best days of your life.☺️

In your down moments look into the mirror and declare what you want, remember that saying ”A closed Mouth is a closed destiny.”

Don’t look down on anyone, don’t look down on that Girl or Boy who acts so imperfect, you don’t know tomorrow, you don’t know their future, you will be really shocked what they can become tomorrow.

Your imperfections are perfect

I have learnt that in life when things you don’t expect hit you hard, you can still  use that to transform your life, it starts with your mind.

Don’t loose yourself now, command your destiny, demand for what you want, believe in yourself. You can achieve just anything you place your mind to do.

Don’t give up on yourself, there is power in your Mouth and you are not alone.. You have a Friend, you have a comforter, He is always with you.. No matter your mistakes, no matter your imperfections.

Be Happy

In your imperfections God will still use you to do great things.

Use your Mouth to command your destiny, never stop believing in yourself, you can do just anything and you can achieve all your Heart desires today and forever..

Ormah is one of the successful gospel bloggers in Nigeria. She publishes more in depth coverage of Nigerian music, motivational articles, real life stories, lifestyle and her faith in God. Ormah is an excellent writer and has written 3 books. She is also a content marketing professional and reading Ormah's blog has become a part of Nigerian's daily routines.