YouTube has one of the largest community, a lot of stars that we know of started from posting YouTube videos, and you are probably asking how you can become a star without posting on YouTube? Am here to tell you that it is very possible. Most of the stars that became popular via their posts on YouTube were known because of their uniqueness, talent and their hard work.(consistency)


There are a lot of People that doesn’t like social media especially YouTube and it’s possible you are one of them. I always try to advice People that when you are planning to venture in gospel music, you must learn to listen to what God is telling you at that moment. There are also lots of gospel artist that didn’t start with YouTube. I’ve always love Don Moen’s music and am sure there was no YouTube when artist like him started his music career , the word of God is powerful and if your songs are from the word of God, no matter how it is released, it will still impact People’s (listeners)lives.

I know so many People that are not on Instagram or they don’t even post on Facebook but I still feel their impact and a lot of People still feel their impact, just be yourself and do what is right for you, maybe you are scared and if it’s due to fear, you can always pray to God to make you bold to share your songs on YouTube.

Some of the passages in the bible where written through revelation from God, that’s how powerful God is. He can do what we never imagined, if God is leading you not to post on YouTube, it’s probably for some reasons and you must be sure you are lead by the spirit of God.

Instead of posting your songs on YouTube, you can decide to create your own website and post your songs there, and you can decide to use the television and radio stations. As a gospel artist you can focus on singing in the Church.

Here are some of the disadvantages of YouTube videos I learnt from weekly.
1) There are many pirated movies and songs spread in YouTube which effect(results) to the copy right issue.

2) Due to the freedom accrued to uploading video there are many videos that are uploaded by People and it affect the life of the owner.

These are just few disadvantages of YouTube, but YouTube also have a lot of advantages, it is the easiest ways to get your videos out to the World. Whatever you decide to do, whether you post on YouTube or not; it does not limit God from showing forth his glory through you to the World. My advice is that you should not be guided by fear in your decisions, the devil is using all the platform he can to destroy lives and bring more lives to the kingdom of darkness. We Christians should use all the platforms we can to bring light to the world.

Jamie Grace was found through YouTube. She was discovered by Toby Mac through the videos she shared(posted) on the platform and He also advised her to keep her Head straight and remember where She comes from and also putting God, ministry and her Family first and fame and the bottom of the list. If you get the feeling that you should not post your videos on YouTube then don’t, but you must know what you want and even if you sell a million records or just one you will be happy because you are doing what is right for yourself.


Ormah is one of the successful gospel bloggers in Nigeria. She publishes more in depth coverage of Nigerian music, motivational articles, real life stories, lifestyle and her faith in God. Ormah is an excellent writer and has written 3 books. She is also a content marketing professional and reading Ormah's blog has become a part of Nigerian's daily routines.

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